Spring 2011: Research Interaction Team


  Courtney Davis
  Amanda Galante
  Shelby Wilson
  Doron Levy 

Time:        Friday 2-3pm
Location:  CSIC 4122 (CSCAMM Seminar Room)

Section Number: AMSC 689 (3502)


1. February 4

    Organizational Meeting

    Please read: Visvader "Cells of Origin in Cancer", Nature 469 (2011)
    Shelby Wilson: What is Cancer - following the NCI presentation 

2. February 11

    Courtney Davis

    An introduction to immunology (an NCI presentation)

3. February 18

    Amanda Galante:

    "Interactions Between the Immune System and Cancer:

      A Brief Review of Non-Spatial Mathematical Models"  (Eftimie et al.)

4. February 25

    "Conceptual Framework for Mathematical Modeling of Tumor Growth"

    (Bajzer et al.)

5. March 4

    Rachel Evans

    "The Pathogenesis of Cancer Metastasis" (Poste et al.)

6. March 11

7. March 18 & March 25

    Spring break - no meeting

8. April 1

    David Harris:

    "Migration Rules: Tumours are Conglomerates of Self-Metastases" 

    (Enderling et al.) 

9. April 8

    Lee Mendelowitz:

    "Towards Whole-Organ Modelling of Tumour Growth" (Alacron et al.)

    "Modelling the Role of Angiogenesis & Vasculogenesis in Solid 

       Tumour Growth" (Stamper et al.)

10. April 15

      Amanda Galante:

      "A Kinetic Model of Tumor/Immune System Cellular Interactions"

      (Arlotti et al.)

11. April 22

     Shelby Wilson:

     "Optimal & Suboptimal Protocols for a Mathematical Model for Tumor

       Anti-Angiogenesis in Combination with Chemotherapy" (Ledzewicz et al.)



1.     Eftimie, Bramson, Earn,  “Interactions between the immune system and cancer: a brief review of non-spatial mathematical models”, Bulletin of Mathematical Biology (2010)

2.     Chaplain, “Modeling aspects of cancer growth: insight from mathematical and numerical analysis and computational simulation”  In: Multiscale problems in the life sciences.  Lecture notes in Mathematics, Vol. 1490, 147-200. Springer

3.     Roose, Chapman, Maini, “Mathematical models of avascular tumor growth”, SIAM Review, 49 (2007), 179-208.

4.     Bellomo, Li, Maini, “On the foundations of cancer modelling: selected topics, speculations, and perspectives”, Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences, 18 (2008), 593-646.

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7.     Araujo and McElwain, “A history of solid tumor growth: the contribution of mathematical modelling”, Bulletin of Mathematical Biology (2004), 66, 1039-1091.


1.     Ruddon, Cancer Biology, Oxford University Press.  Of interest will be the following chapters:

a.     Chapter 4: The biochemistry and cell biology of cancer

b.     Chapter 5: Molecular genetics of cancer

c.      Chapter 6: Tumor immunology

2.     Sompayrac, How the Immune System Works.

3.     Janeway’s Immunobiology. 

 For more details contact Doron Levy