UMD-NCI: Systems Biology Workshop

University of Maryland / National Cancer Institute NIH

Systems Biology Collaboration Workshop

Tuesday, January 26, 2010.  12:30pm-5:30pm

Kay Boardrooms 1&2, RM 1107 Kim Engineering Building

University of Maryland, College Park

The aim of the workshop is to foster interactions between NCI and UMD in biophysics, systems biology, bioengineering, and bioinformatics, and to highlight results from ongoing collaborative projects.  Summer student support may be arranged to pursue new projects. 

Seating is limited - to indicate your attendance, please email Mohini Kaul   

If you wish to present a poster please email your poster title to

Questions? Please contact Wolfgang Losert or Jim McNally



12.30pm           Welcome – Wolfgang Losert (UMD) and Jim McNally (NCI)

12.35pm           Introductory remarks – Ken Gertz, Associate VP and NCI Staff

12.50               research presentations

  1. Mei Ling Ting Lee, Director, Biostatistics and Risk Assessment Center “Microarrays, copy number variations, and proteomic mass spectrum"
  2. Javed Khan, (NCI) “Integrated analysis of the cancer genome using next generation tools.“
  3. Michelle Girvan (UMD) “Using Network Theory to Identify Gene Signatures of Cancer”
  4. Tim Stasevich and Jim McNally (NCI) “Using fluorescence microscopy to measure and model protein binding to DNA in live cells”
  5. Carl Kingsford, (Bioinformatics, UMD)” The power of interaction networks for identifying disease-related genes”
  6. Gordon Hager, (NCI) “The dynamic interactions of nuclear receptors with regulatory elements in chromatin.”
  7. Doron Levy  (UMD) “Mathematical models of drug resistance to cancer”

2pm                  refreshments and Posters

2.40pm            Intro do UMD Centers - Rubloff (Nanocenter)
                         and NCI Centers - Levens (Systems Biology)

3pm                            research presentations


  1. Steven Salzberg, Director, Center for Bioinformatics“Sequence alignment for human re-sequencing projects”
  2. Chuck Vinson (NCI) and Kimbie Glass (UMD)  “Co-occurring DNA sequences in promoters”
  3. John Baras (UMD) “Dynamic Networks, Motifs and Systems Biology”
  4. Maxwell Lee (NCI) “Genetic determination and stochastic modeling of allele-specific gene expression and epigenetic modifications”
  5. Colin McCann, Wolfgang Losert, and Carole Parent ((UMD and NCI) “Cell Speeds, Persistence, and Information Transmission during Collective Migration”

3.50pm            coffee and discussions

4.30pm            research presentations


  1. Bill Bentley, Chair, Department of Bioengineering
  2. Jacek Capala, (NCI)  “Gold nanoparticles for targeted delivery and local, X-ray-triggered release of therapeutic agents”
  3. Ashutosh Gupta (UMD) and David Levens (NCI),  “Mapping DNA Supercoiling Across Human Genome”
  4. Mel Gomez (UMD), “Electronic HER2 detection system”
  5. Jerry Wierwille, Yu Chen (Bioengineering, UMD) & Ron Summers (NIH),” Optical Molecular Imaging of Colon Cancer”

5.30pm               Meeting Ends

Directions: Please park at the Paint Branch Drive visitor parking lot – the Kim Engineering Building is next to the parking lot.  Directions to the visitor parking lot and a map link are at:

Please send email to to request a parking voucher for the meeting.  

 For more details contact Doron Levy