Fall 2009: Research Interaction Team (RIT)

Organizer: Doron Levy,  http://www.math.umd.edu/~dlevy
Webpage:  cancer.umd.edu – the RIT tab
Time:         Fridays @ noon
Location:             CSCAMM Seminar Room

Schedule: No meetings on 9/11, 10/2, 11/27.  Check the webpage for changes to the schedule.   Most probably there will be a room change on 9/25 (due to the CSCAMM kinetic FRG workshop).

Plan: cover chapters 6-11 in the book “Models of Cellular Regulation by Aguda & Friedman

9/18 Shelby Wilson: Chapter 6 (cell-cycle control)  
        References presentation

9/25 Amanda Galante: Chapter 7 (cell cycle control)  

10/2 No meeting (NIH immunology meeting)

10/9 Stuart Price: Chapter 8 (cell death)   

10/16 No meeting

10/23 Doron Levy - cell regulation

10/30 Cristian Tomasetti: Chapter 9 (cell differentiation) 

11/6  Doron Levy: Chapter 10 (aging)

11/13 Doron Levy and Cristian Tomasetti (stem cells)

11/20 No meeting

11/27 Thanksgiving - no meeting

 For more details contact Doron Levy