Fall 2015: RIT


  Dana Botesteanu   dboteste@math.umd.edu
  Geoff Clapp           
  Doron Levy           dlevy@math.umd.edu

Time: Monday, 11am

Location: CSIC 4122 (CSCAMM Seminar Room)

Section Number: AMSC 689 (3502).  Register for 1-3 Credits.

This semester the RIT will be devoted to Breast Cancer: Biology & Math


9/14   Organization meeting

9/21   General Overview of Cancer  [Dana Botesteanu]

Hanahan, D. & Weinberg, R. A. Hallmarks of cancer: the next generation. Cell 144,646674 (2011);

9/28   A review of breast cancer from the clinical side:  [Dana Botesteanu]

B. Weigelt, J.L. Peterse, L.J. van 't Veer. Breast cancer metastasis: markers and models. Nat. Rev. Cancer, 5 (2005), pp. 591–602

Yeo, Turner, Jones. An update on the medical management of breast cancer. BMJ 2014: 348-353.

10/5   [Cara Peters]

Baum M, Chaplain MA, Anderson AR, Douek M, Vaidya JS. Does breast cancer exist in a state of chaos? Eur J Cancer. 1999 Jun; 35(6):886-91. Review.

Enderling H, Chaplain MA, Anderson AR, Vaidya JS. A mathematical model of breast cancer development, local treatment and recurrence. J Theor Biol. 2007 May 21; 246(2):245-59.

10/12   [Geoff Clapp]

Enderling H, Anderson AR, Chaplain MA, Munro AJ, Vaidya JS. Mathematical modelling of radiotherapy strategies for early breast cancer. J Theor Biol. 2006 Jul 7; 241(1):158-71. 

10/19   [Matt Becker]

Panetta J. C. A mathematical model of breast and ovarian cancer treated with paclitaxel. Math. Biosci., 146: 89-113, 1997

10/26   [Sid Sharma]

Norton L: A Gompertzian model of human breast cancer growthCancer Res 1988, 48:7067-7071. 

Retsky M, Swartzendruber D, Wardell R, Bame P, Petrosky V: Re: Larry Norton, a Gompertzian model of human breast cancer growth Cancer Res 1989, 49:6443-6444.

11/2   [Geoff Clapp]

Xinfeng L, Johnson S, Liu S, Kanojia D, Yue W, Singn U, Wang Q, Wang Q, Nie Q, and H Chen. Nonlinear growth kinetics of breast cancer stem cells: Implications for cancer stem cell targeted therapy. Nature Scientific Reports 2013; 3(2473): 1-9. DOI: 10.1038/srep02473.

11/9    No meeting - CSCAMM young investigators workshop

11/16  [Asia Wyatt]

Koscielny S, Tubiana M, Valleron AJ: A simulation model of the natural history of human breast cancer. Br J Cancer 1985, 52:515-524.

Spratt JA, von Fournier D, Spratt JS, Weber EE: Mammographic assessment of human breast cancer growth and duration. Cancer 1993, 71:2020-2026

11/23  [Matt Becker]

Roe-Dale R, Isaacson D, Kupferschmid. A mathematical model of breast cancer treatment with CMF and doxorubicin. Bull Math Biol 2011; 73:85-608.


Wrap-up & Final Thoughts

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